Pawn & More | Electronic devices
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Electronic devices

Do you need a quick cash loan and have some cool electronics, or maybe some vintage stereo equipment? Then a loan from Pawn&More is exactly what you are needing. We loan top dollar on pieces from manufacturers like McIntosh, Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and many others. We also love your vintage stereo equipment. We are lenders on all of your TV’s, DVD Players, BluRay Players, Amplifiers, Home Stereos, tablets, iPods, and many other great electronics. Due to the change in the market, we can’t accept all electronics due to age and compatibility. However, we can promise that we will do our best to assist you and make the best cash offer possible. Our interest is half of what the other pawn shops charge.
Things we really pay top dollar for:
Tube Amplifiers
Tube Preamplifier
McIntosh Products
Vintage Marantz Products
Vintage Hi-Fi Equipment
Home Speakers
Things We Don’t Take:
Broken Cellphones
Locked Apple Products
Broken Electronics
Tube TV’s
For more information, please reach out to our office by calling (954) 993-0562 immediately.