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Pawnshops offer you many benefits including stress-free access to instant cash. Another advantage of these stores is the availability of certain goods at affordable prices. However, enjoying these benefits is only possible if you go to the right pawnshop.

For example, come to Pawn & More today if you are looking for pawn stores near me. We offer you the best services in this market.
More specifically, we focus on big-ticket items that have a value of $1,000 or more. These items include electronics, household appliances, and jewelry. You can bring in vehicles and music equipment among other things. However, they have to be high-value items, and they have to be in good condition as well.

Bring them to us so we can offer you loans ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. The application process is straightforward. We will see the item and then ask for some ID. We will appraise it, and then we will tell you our offer. You will receive your money as soon as we are in agreement on the price. Then we will keep it for you until you pay back the amount within the specified time.

If you choose to stop paying, you will not be charged any further and you can keep the loan with no harm to your credit rating! However you may receive a courtesy call from us, just in case you may have just forgotten on would like to negotiate a deal so that you can still keep your item! You can not get any better than that!

That’s Pawn & More!

We offer you instant cash as well if you want to sell your items to us. The price range is the same, from $1,000 to $100,000. The process is the same as well. Getting cash from Pawn & More is that simple so this money today. Alternatively, you can call us first before you visit our store. Ask us about the price and the items that you want to sell. We will answer your questions enthusiastically and exhaustively. (954) 993-0562.

It is worth noting that Pawn & More sells high-value items as well. Come and buy them at highly discounted prices. Spend the savings you make on other things that you need. As you can now tell, looking for other pawn stores near me is unnecessary. We are the best. In fact, we are a 5-Star Pawn Store with excellent customer service and the most competitive prices in the market.

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