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Pawn a Watch

If you are looking to pawn a Rolex or pawn a luxury watch then look no further we specialize in providing loans on all luxury watch brands. Some brands that we provide low interest loans for include: Rolex, Panerai, Angelus, Baume et Mercier, Bell & Ross, Longines, Breitling, Bucherer, Bueche Girod, Bvlgari, LeCoultre, Daniel Roth, Favre-Leuba, Franck Muller, Glashütte, Gubelin, Hublot, IWC, Cartier, Breguet, Omega, Oyster, Agassiz, Patek, Philippe, Paul, Ditisheim, Piaget, SA A Lange & Sohne, Tag Heuer, Tiffany & Co., Tissot, Tudor, Ulysse, Nardin, Universal, Genéve Van Cleef & Arpels Wakmann Zenith etc.

Here are some easy to follow steps when pawning or selling a watch with us, bring everything that came with the watch including, box, papers, certificates etc. We work closely with Rolex dealers, so Pawn & More is the best place to pawn a Rolex. Call us to set up an appointment or just come on down, we are open from Mon-Sat from 10am-6pm and provide full value loans and the lowest interest legally allowed by law. Whether you are in need of some cash and have any type of luxury watch to pawn we offer the best service, you can’t beat our low interest rates we lend for luxury watches, when getting a loan we make the process as fast, easy and simple as possible. You can be in and out in as little as 5-10 minutes, that means you can get cold hard cash on your lunch break. Pawn Your Luxury Watch for CA$H.
It’s OK if you don’t see your watch logo on here, there’s a great chance we will still want to buy it and give you top dollar for it, just give us a call for an over the phone approximate estimate on the watch you are looking to pawn. Don’t forget we buy, sell and pawn all other kinds of jewelry, as well as designer items. We are the best pawnbroker in Pompano beach because we CARE.
For more information, please reach out to our office by calling (954) 993-0562 immediately. If you’re on your cell phone click the green phone button now. If you’re at home use the convenient chat service and chat with a representative real-time!

How to Quickly and Easily Pawn & Sell Watches for Cash

Do you need cash fast? Do you own a luxury watch? You should sell or pawn a watch for cash. You’d be surprised at how easy, confidential and convenient it is! According to CNN Style, “luxury watch brands are seducing millennials”. This means that there are high chances to sell and pawn a luxury watch quickly and easily.

All you need to do is follow the tips in this article.  This article provides all the solutions to pawn a watch. From here you will learn the best ways to turn your pre-owned timepiece into a cash in hand device.

Don’t Store Your Pre-Owned Watch Anymore

If chances are your high-roller Rolex is no longer appealing, you can bet you’ll be amazed at the offer when you pawn a watch! Maybe you just purchased a new watch with the latest style and the old one sits in your room and never sees the light of day or stars of night! Or, you may have received a new watch from a friend or a relative and you have an extra one. On any occasion, you can pawn a watch for cash fast. This is a free opportunity to make some quick cash. Every day, there are many people involved in pawning and selling watches for cash. Pawn a Rolex…Join the team and generate some cash too!

Your Old Watch Is Desired by Someone Else

Even though pre-owned luxury watches are likely to be precious, not all can appreciate and wear it. However, there is a single individual somewhere who may be willing and has been dreaming of wearing a similar brand of watch that you no longer desire or have the use for. Therefore, never let your pre-owned watch lay idle in the house. Let it make someone else happy. Resale it and generate some cash.

The Best Way to Sell and Pawn a Watch for Cash Fast

To sell and pawn a watch in a quick, safe and proven way requires you to pay attention to some essential things. These are discussed as follows;

  1. Avoid Retail Sites   For the last few years, many online resale websites have been recorded to have emerged. This gives the consumer a chance to sell their second-hand home items. However, consumers rarely receive the best return because these online websites buy items at a relatively low price. First and foremost, the websites will buy your items by way of an auction. This method does not guarantee chances of getting your money’s worth.  Moreover, you are always held responsible for the shipping costs. This can turn out to be expensive if your item requires specialized shipping or insurance. Furthermore, you face other charges such as a membership fee, enticed by a 7-day free trial, followed by a forgettable monthly subscription. (That most of us tend to forget until it hits our bank account the next month). This is also another thing that will contribute a greater deal to the reduction of your total returns. Thus, online sites are not considered as the best place to sell and pawn a watch for cash. Also, the process involved in getting the cash takes a lot of time indicating that the method is not favorable for a quick deal.


  1. Avoid Online Platforms & Apps (Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, etc…)   To sell or pawn a watch using online platforms for the local consumer to purchase it has a few disadvantages. This method is generally not safe due to the risks that may arise from meeting up with strangers that you make a deal with.  Moreover, these online platforms have recorded some instances where the sales have turned out to be dangerous for the consumers. Also, there are high chances of the buyer failing to show up or may not have the expected cash. Other disadvantages of this method are the hassle of posting your item, waiting for a buyer to make a contact, price haggling, and planning for the right time to meet the potential buyer.



  1. Find a Reputable Pawn Shop  Most pawn shop owners have a deep understanding of the consumer sales and the information about the items that are popular in the current market together with their value. As a result, a few pawn shops can offer the seller with the prices that are fair and competitive when it comes to timeless pre-owned watches and classic jewelry brands.  Therefore, when you sell or pawn a watch at any given pawn shop, there is an assurance of getting the best possible deal. The employees of these pawn shops are highly skilled where they can recognize the high-end merchandise. They do this with an aim of gaining future business from the respective sellers. In turn, this enables them to receive many popular brands at favorably cheap prices.  At the pawn shops, you can sell and pawn a watch for cash and receive payment instantly. No issues of waiting are involved in these pawn shops. Their process is simple, and it only takes a short of period time with an immediate payment. Pawn & More is one of the highly ranked pawn shops located in Pompano Beach, Florida at which you can sell and pawn a watch. At this pawn shop, you can pawn a watch as a collateral loan or you can sell it. Either way you will receive cash. For the case of selling your pre-owned luxury watch Pawn & More offers the simplest and most professional process with an instant payment.  So now you know how to quickly and easily pawn and sell a watch for cash? Hesitate no more! Even if you are not in the Pompano Beach area, Pawn & More will travel to your location based on your needs. Present your luxury watch to Pawn & More and get instant cash today!