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If you searched for “pawn shop near me” and you’re not as close to Pompano Beach as you might have liked to be, or you have a vehicle to pawn but can not bring it to our Pompano Beach location, not to worry! DD Pawn Loans will make house calls just for those who are not able to make the trip. A representative will come to you and evaluate your vehicle. Just provide your government issued identification. Please don’t be offended by a few questions that the pawn broker will ask you. It’s pretty standard and serves as protection to the pawn broker and to you. We want to make sure you are who you say you are and the property actually belongs to you. We only issue pawn loans directly to the owner. The rest of the process is easy and it’s even easier when you don’t need to leave your home!

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We offer unique pawn loans on your motorcycle, vehicle, heavy equipment, boat, watches and designer hand bags.

Different from all the other pawn shops out there, DD Pawn Loans is owned by a very exclusive pawn broker. When you searched for “pawn shop near me”, you were directed to this page because we know that you are in need of emergency funds and emergency funds fast. Whether you’re in South Florida, Jacksonville or Clearwater, you can depend on DD Pawn Loans to offer the best collateral pawn loan with the best rates. The pawn broker at DD Pawn Loans offers pawn loans 50% less than the pawn loan you have out right now! If you bring your current pawn ticket from a pawn shop near me to DD Pawn Loans, you can receive that same loan for half the price. Call now and see how much you can be saving. (954) 993-0562

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Implications of non-payment: There are no financial implications. If no payment is made the loan simply defaults. Collection practices include sending a text message or email reminding the client payment is due. There is no impact to a client’s credit score for late or non-payment. Loans are renewed when an interest payment is made. APR does not exceed 24%. There are no additional fees or penalties when renewing a loan. No loans offered are under 60 days. Early prepayment options that are available are not associated with any fees or cost. The loan is not required to be repaid within 60 days. The minimum repayment period is 90 day and maximum is 10 years. An example of a loan is: borrower takes $100, repays $109 in 90 days. Loan is fulfilled.
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