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Meet the Best Pawnbroker at Pawn & More and Receive the Best Value for Your Items


For over a decade, Pawn & More is the place that has been helping people with pawning and selling their items at the best costs. You can count on our pawn shop in Lauderhill, Florida and get the required cash as per your item’s worth. You can find our pawnshop in different Zip codes, including 33311, 33313, 33319, and 33351. When searching for pawn shops near me in Lauderhill, FL; you will see Pawn & More as your best option. You can call or visit us for more details and receive the value you deserve for your items.


Pawn & More is a top-notch shop you find when you look for pawn shop near me in Lauderhill, Florida. We have the most committed pawnbroker team who will help you get the instant cash you want with the service and value you deserve. If you are willing to pawn car, gold, jewelry, smartphone, or laptop, we are the right people for you. In case you are thinking where I should sell my car, sell my gold, sell my jewelry, or sell my phone; then Pawn & More is always at your service.


Pawn Your Valuable Jewelry with Us!


There is no better place than Pawn & More if you want to pawn gold. You can easily pawn jewelry at our shop of any weight or karat. We always make sure that you get a fair and accurate price for your items.


Get the Best Price for Your Smartphone and Laptop!


Our team of pawnbrokers are always at standby to help you pawn smartphone and pawn laptop. We estimate the right value for your items and give you cash instantly.


What to Expect from Pawn & More?


Excellent Customer Service


When hunting for a pawn shop in Lauderhill, FL, to estimate the cost of your merchandise, it is customary to consider such determinants as expertise, background, interest rates, and location. A pawn shop’s capability to give excellent customer service is of high significance. Poor customer service is anticipated at most pawn shops. Pawn & More strengthen relationships with customers, surpassing their expectations.


Trust and Comfort


A Pawn Shop should always show regard and care for your requirements. If you have inquiries about rates or charges, you should feel relaxed enough to speak up and get an explanation, not an excuse. At Pawn & More, we treat all our customers with respect and help them with their queries.


Experience About How Your Pawn Works


People who experience pawning for the first time are resilient. They will randomly choose a shop out of convenience and not consider the loan rate or acknowledge the contract they are signing. Pawn & More understand its customers and offer them the best of everything. You can completely trust us!


We are waiting for you at Pawn & More. Pawn and sell your item at the right price right away!


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