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Sell My Rims

Sell My Rims: Pawn & More Will Get You the Best Value

Do you own a set of good rims that you don’t use anymore? Or would you like to upgrade your rims? At Pawn & More, you can sell your rims, trade, or even buy news rims.

Trade-in old rims and tires with Pawn & More! Every year, thousands of customers bring us their used tires or rims to trade-in value or cash it on the right spot. We want to make an offer to you right over the phone. Of course, there are several scenarios you need to keep in mind before you decide to “sell my rims” at Pawn & More.

So, we need to see your product firsthand. You have to bring what you have at our nearest store to your location, and we can quickly check the products and make you a perfect offer on the spot. We won’t pressurize you anytime. If you are interested in our offer, we would like to buy your rims and test and inspect them further. Our unique machines test the tread depth of the tires that you want to sell. We always look out for pinholes, nicks, or bulges before we resell them.

How Do We Manage to Resell Rims?

If we suspect any damages in your rims, we further check for cracks, chips, bends, and crash, etc. Even other customers want an upgraded look for their car as they want no scratches on the rims. We will typically render scrap value for “sell my rims for cash,” if the centerpieces or other pieces are missing as it makes the rims unsellable. Thus, we would offer a scrap value on your rims as they would look old instead of giving an aesthetic feel.

Get Instant Appraisal

You don’t have to wonder about “how and where to sell my rims,” as we, at Pawn & More, give instant approval. It is quick, easy, and safe with no pressure and aggression to trade in your tires and rims. You won’t have to face any haggling tactics we accept used to snow and winter tires and truck tires, summer tires, all-weather tires, run-flat tires, and all-season tires. Whether you bring all four rims or just one at a time, we shall appraise whatever you take.  If you trade in your rims, you can be assured to save hundreds of dollars.

Our Working Style at Pawn & More

  • We buy both used and new take-off stock factory original and steel wheels.
  • The best way to get started is by sending us a picture of your used wheel or different types of tires.
  • You may get an upfront quote from us based on the value of your customer’s stock off wheels. It allows us to build-in trade-in allowance. You have a better chance to make a considerable amount if you make a fair offer.
  • We also provide shipping labels.
  • Within three business days, we shall mail the payments to you after we receive your tires or rims.
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