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Sell My Silver For Cash

Pawn & More Buys Silver and Offers You Instant Cash Like No One Else

You can sell your old silver articles, bars, and coins at one of our pawn shops buy silver and get instant cash without any hassle. We purchase silver in all forms, including bars, items, and currencies. If you are looking to sell silver near me, then Pawn & More is your best bet as we do both – dispose of your silver and convert it into cash. All our trading procedures are streamlined, unlike other brokers. We purchase silver based only on weight and purity. Valuators at Pawn & More are experienced and are genuine silver buyers in this industry.


How Do Our Pawn Shops Buy Silver?

If you are thinking like “sell my silver for cash,” you have first to collect all the silver articles you wish to trade. After your shortlist, the items that you want to sell should have the bills. Though laws are not mandatory, they will act as a reference point for purities and weights if you present them.

It would be best if you visit one of our pawn shops buy silver to “sell my silver for evaluation.” Once the review to “sell my silver” is done, the experts will weigh the pieces and weights.  After the record, you will be provided with an estimation. After you approve, we shall further test the articles under gold using a test to ascertain the purity of the item. It would be best if you always remember that beads, stone, enamel, etc. will not have any value as the acid test might lead to discoloration of the tested area. It may take up to a minute to test each silver article.

After ascertaining the test results, our expert will log into the system at Pawn & More, and show you an auto-generated valuation report.  After you accept it, you will be paid instantly by cash, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Silver Price Evaluation at Pawn & More

Silver is a precious commodity that is traded at all exchanges across the world. Like any other commodity, silver prices are subject to volatility.

Why Choose Pawn & More to Sell My Silver?

  • Thousands of customers visit us as they trust us and keep coming back.
  • You can be assured to get the best price as we match the competitor’s price. Therefore, you can rely on us as our payouts can’t be beaten.
  • Our experts are certified that will accurately appraise your materials. So, you can make the most of your silver.
  • If you are unhappy with our payment, you need not stress out as we will return your items at no cost.


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