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How to Pawn or Sell Your Apple Watch For Cash

Are You Constantly Thinking, “Where Can I Sell My Apple Watch?”

If you haven’t been able to search the perfect answer for “where can I sell my Apple watch,” then you’ve dropped to the best place, i.e., Pawn & More. Here, you can expect to get the top dollar for your watch as we regularly compare our competitors’ prices.

What is the Process of Selling an Apple Watch at Pawn & More?

The process of selling an Apple watch for cash here is as follows:

Get a Quote: You have to choose the apple watch that you want to sell and get a quotation.

Accept Your Quote: We accept your instant quotation when you confirm “sell my Apple watch.”

Unpair Your Apple Watch: Before you decide “sell my Apple watch,” you need to ensure that your watch is unpaired from your iPhone or other paired devices. Lastly, you have to ensure you remove any locks or passwords.

Send Your Apple Watch: As shipping is free, you can use the prepaid USPS, and you will be provided with a label when you check out. Another option is to head to our pawn shop in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Get Paid Fast: We will pay you as soon as possible once we receive and inspect your Apple watch. Throughout the process, we will keep in touch via email, and so you can understand when you can expect to get your cash.  You can be paid faster for your watch if you choose online modes like PayPal.

The Inspection Process of Apple Watch at Pawn & More

Mostly all apple watches are thoroughly inspected before you get the assurance of your quote. If we find a discrepancy in the condition or functionality of “sell my Apple watch,” your transactions may be re-quoted. If your Apple watch is a different model than what was initially indicated, you might receive a re-quote. If you are looking “where can I sell my Apple watch,” then Pawn & More is your best bet as we offer the best quote for the correct item and pay as per the current value of the item. The re-quote can either be less or more depending on the situation.

How the Re-Quote Works?

You are in control of either re-quote scenario. We will pay you to the re-quote amount to “sell my Apple watch,” if you accept the offer. We will return your Apple watch; if you decline the offer, the shipping is always on us. You need not worry about your product; it will reach you safely.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding “Sell My Apple Watch”


What Do I Need to Do Before I Sell My Apple Watch?

You have to remove the iCloud account from your Apple watch. We cannot accept watches that are locked or connected to iCloud.


What is the Best Way to Pack When I sell my Apple watch?

You need to find a sturdy box and use an abundance of packing materials. It will be great if you have the original box as it will help you easily pack it. It is best if you avoid using the envelope as it might damage the product.


What is the best time to sell my Apple watch?

It’s best not to wait for long as prices decline for electronic products generally over time.

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