Pawn & More | Beginners Guide to Pawning a Watch
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Beginners Guide to Pawning a Watch

Sell my watch

Beginners Guide to Pawning a Watch

What is pawning?

It is an easy way to sell a valuable item or borrow against it as a collateral from a pawn shop.  The value of the item will determine how much money you will receive from the shop. No credit check is done for the money to be given to you. It will take only minutes for the cash to be in your hands.

Are you in need of quick cash and you have a valuable watch? Worry no more. Just search ‘sell my watch’ and you’ll find Pawn & More will buy items outright and will give loans to people when they pawn their watches with them. The watches may be basic like (Apple, Invicta) or expensive watches like (Rolex or Cartier).

How can I pawn if I don’t know the true value?

Authentic watches are a good investment. The watch could have been a gift or one that you bought. The watch could increase in value if it is of the rare kind. A watch that will have a reasonable price is the one made of diamonds or gold. Other types of watches can depreciate thus the reselling price will be low.

Before visiting a reputable pawn shop, do consult an appraiser. An appraiser is a professional who gives you an accurate price of an object on its conditions. If an appraiser is not available, another option is to search on the internet. The research is vital to confirm that the watch has value. Knowing the value of the watch will give you confidence when negotiating for the price. Remember the pawnbrokers are professionals who are in the business to make money, so they will give you a lower price than the actual value to gain a profit.

The watch must be in its best condition before taking it for pawning. Cleaning is an essential process. The reselling price will be high when the watch is operating clean and looking desirable. A watch which is not working will have a lower appraisal. A watch must be cleaned using special agents. They are very delicate so clean it with an extra soft brush when it is a metal and with leather cleaner when it has a leather belt. Scratches on the glass will lead to a lower reselling price. A watch repairer can quickly fix the scratches. It is affordable to repair the watch to have it look as good as new.

When a pawn shop buys an item like a watch, good packaging is attractive. Good packaging makes the watch desirable. Pack the watch in its original package before pawning. Couple the package with the original paperwork so it will look more presentable. An added advantage is taking the warranty card or papers that you were given during the purchase to show authentication. The pawnbroker will be able to assess the price by confirming the date of purchase which in turn gives you a higher value. The pawnbroker will be confident to buy your watch or take it for collateral because it will be easier for him to sell it. Some watch band has links. When pawning, all the links should be returned for total completeness. The broker knows the original size of the watch and they will see if the band has been reduced. The full watch will return a higher price than an incomplete one.

How Do I Find The Best Pawn Shop?

Check the shop reviews on the internet to find the best pawn shop. When you search ‘sell my watch’ a list of websites will pop up. The ratings will help you consider the suitable shop. Make sure to get the best price for your watch.  When you take the watch to the pawnbroker, he will assess the watch. They are very experienced and will know the value at a glance. As the owner of the watch, make sure you have a price in mind to appear more knowledgeable about the “art of pawning”. At that point, the broker will give a counter offer. The offer is negotiable depending on some brokers.

Pawn & More is different from other pawn shops because they ensure you get the best value for your watch. Customer service is reviewed as the best. The money will be given to you within minutes after assessment of the watch value. Pawn & More will offer pawn loans for less than current pawn loans you have out right now! You can take same pawn loan you have from another pawn shop and bring it to Pawn & More for half the price! Just Google ‘pawn shops near me’ and you will find the pawn shop with the best rates!

The terms are very flexible and friendly at Pawn & More. There are no financial implications when the loan is not paid. When a customer does not repay the loan, it defaults, and the customer keeps the loan and there are no further obligations. Pawn & More does not sue or report customers to the credit bureau because of the default. So, there are no implications to a customer’s credit score. A lower credit score can cause a customer to be denied a mortgage or even employment. When interest is paid, the loan is renewed. The APR is usually 36% at most pawn shops. Pawn & More does not charge customers high interest, so customers are able to repay the loans. When renewing a loan, there are no penalties or added fees. The cost is the same as in the initial loan. All loans offered are repaid after two months to give our customers ample time to compensate. The minimum repayment period is one day, and the maximum is ten years. The important thing is to create a good relationship with any pawn shop. Keep your original pawn receipt, as you will need it when making a payment or redeeming your items. This will identify you as pawning from that pawn shop and to certify we have your watch. Do not be bothered where you will get the extra funds from. Just search on Google, ‘sell my watch’ and you will have cash sooner than you think! See you soon!