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Benefits of Jewelry Equity Loans

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Benefits of Jewelry Equity Loans

Are you looking for a market to get quick funds for your business or other emergencies? With so many options to earn quick cash in the lending markets, the problem arises to choose the correct choice that can grant you fast funds with the least risk involved. In today’s market, jewelry equity loans have made quite a buzz. The low risk incurred by the debtor and the high lending value has made jewelry equity loans the new hot cake among debtors and lenders. If you are also looking at the top benefits of these types of loans, you have come to the right place. Stay hooked with us to learn more!

What Are Jewelry Equity Loans?


As the name suggests, a jewelry-centric loan is offered to the customers against the jewelry lends out. However, do not confuse jewelry equity loans with jewelry collateral loans. While the latter requires filling back account forms for credit history, in the former case, your jewelry is your asset, and that is all.

While the bank might take 2-3 business weeks to sanction your loan (banks accept only 33% of personal loans), jewelry equity loans will take 24-48 hours to grant you the money.

Benefits of Jewelry Equity Loans


·  Set aside your items.


The primary significance of jewelry equity loans is that they help the borrowers retain their possessions and receive the trusted and correct market value for them. Many borrowers have gained the exact amount with what they purchased.

·  Search for trusted, confidential dealings.


As a customer, you are not going to land up in a pawnshop. The security of your dealing will take place in discrete office buildings or professional sites. You can keep it only between the lender and you. That’s how you rise above the expected standard ways of getting quick money.

·  Get instant money.


The time required to inspect the quality of your gold jewelry is the only time you need to wait to receive the cash amount. Within 24-28 hours you will receive your check or cash amount against your jewelry based on its quality.

·  Flexibility in paying back.


The money you borrowed against the jewelry is for momentary help. You want your confiscated items to be back with you. To get back your possession, you need to pay back the owed sum. There is a monthly rate levied on the borrowed sum that you need to pay. However, the interest rate is minimal in the case of jewelry equity loans. Therefore, you can pay back the sum for a long time without worrying about the heavy interest rates.

·  No need for additional debt.


Since you already keep your jewelry as collateral, you do not need to take additional debts. Thus, you can receive the money, get your job done, pay back the money, and take back the possession of your jewelry without incurring any negative impact on your credit score.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, stop searching on Google for “pawn shop near me” or “where do I sell my jewelry?” It’s time for you to rise above the bank forms and high-rated monthly interest rates. Change your perspective with the change in the market. Get instant cash with jewelry equity loans today at Pawn & More!

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