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Corporate Car Cash Loans


Corporate Car Cash Loans

Unfortunate situations happen – unexpected repair, office supplies, tools, materials and PAYROLL!  Two million Americans use title loans annually. With Pawn & More, get fast cash with a pawn loan. A relatively small business pawn loan can make a big difference in payroll and business operations; it may be enough to get your deserving employees paid.

In most cases, not making payroll is an unforeseen event, but needs immediate attention. When small business owners can’t make payroll, it’s a dire situation. Businesses often respond by delaying or reducing pay. This also has troubling long-term effects for business owners as well as employees.

The loss of trust can linger for years. More immediately from a business standpoint, if you don’t pay employees, they have the right to file a state wage claim, and you can be subject to other hefty penalties as well under state and federal (like the Fair Labor Standards Act) laws. If quarterly payroll taxes aren’t paid, then you may have to deal with IRS penalties and fines.

When businesses get into this situation, pawing their personal items is not the first thing that comes to mind. But here at Pawn & More, we do have a solution that works perfect for business owners.