Pawn & More | Get Cash Now: The Safe Way to Pawn a Car
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Get Cash Now: The Safe Way to Pawn a Car

White Camaro parked in a Storage garage

Get Cash Now: The Safe Way to Pawn a Car

If you are reading this, then you’ve probably tried numerous ways to get a loan and your outcomes are unsuccessful. This is most likely due to factors affecting your credit such as your credit rating, employment status and the number of outstanding loans that you have.  At this point you are limited to the number of financial institutions willing to risk giving you a loan not to mention one with a moderate interest rate. In addition, if your credit rating is bad, then getting a loan is virtually impossible. However if you do succeed in landing a loan, I guarantee that your interest will be at or above 25%. And in some states it is allege to go above 25%. That’s something worth researching in your state, if you are not in Florida!

You have heard that you can pawn a car but you’re not sure how safe it is. Well, the process is as safe for you, the customer, as it is for the pawnbroker.

In a car pawn loan, the car is held as security and the loan is given against the suitable value of the car. However, before getting into any such loan arrangements, you also need complete knowledge about how to pawn a car. Pawning personal property of a lesser value is an easier decision when you need fast money, but there is definitely a caution thrown to the wind as one contemplates pawning a vehicle. Where does my car go? Is it safe? What if I lose it? Is this more expensive than a traditional loan? Most people will not think twice about pledging personal property when they need fast money, but they are definitely embarrassed before setting up their car. Your car is an integral part of the family program. It helps you work and back, and you probably also use it to transport your family and groceries every day.

Pawn & More keeps vehicles safely stored in a monitored warehouse. Pawn & More doesn’t want your vehicle, we want your business. So we do everything we can to help you be on time with payments and offer easy extensions. When you pawn a car, the rates are extremely lower than if you were to receive a traditional loan. Even the process is easier. And there’s no credit check, or approval process. And if by chance you decide that you can’t pay for the storage of the vehicle, then just stop making payments to us, therefore forfeiting your property. And you get to keep the loan that was given to you initially. No questions asked! The best thing is, it will never be reported to the credit bureau as a bad debt!

If we’ve got your attention, call us now! (954) 993-0562. Don’t wait! Someone is always available. If not, you will surely receive a call back ASAP!

If you already have clear photos of your vehicle, text the pics to the same number above (954) 993-0562. You will receive a response shortly after. Service is key to our success for you, our customer, and for us, your #1 go to Pawn Shop – We are waiting for you! We stay open later than other pawn shops!!!

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