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Guide for Selling and Setting up Your Rolex Watch

Guide for Selling and Setting up Your Rolex Watch

The secondary market for luxury watches is booming. Also, it is incredible news for anybody ready to sell a Rolex. Rolex is high in demand, quickly recognized brand in both the primary and secondary markets. That popularity means that selling your Rolex can be easier than selling any other brand. If you’ve at any point thought about what’s the best way to sell my Rolex, read down the points on the best way to take full worth of your pre-owned watch.

Steps Included While Selling a Rolex Watch


Before you sell a Rolex watch, there are a couple of strategies that will assist you in securing the best price and experience possible. Remember these below points when selling your pre-owned Rolex watch:

1. Look for the Reference Number

If you have the paperwork for your watch, its reference number will be listed there. If you no longer have the paperwork, then you’ll need to look at the watch case. Started by expelling the bracelet, look between the lugs on the 12 o’clock side of the case.

2. Locate the Serial Number

You’ll also have the option to locate the serial number on the watch’s paperwork. If you no longer have the paperwork, then you’ll need to remove the watch’s bracelet. Where you look will rely upon the age of the Rolex: Before 2005, the serial number will be in the middle of the lugs on the specific opposite side of the watch case at the 6 o’clock position. Post-2005, the serial number is engraved on the rehaut (the space between the crystal and the dial marked with ROLEX) at the 6 o’clock position. That serial number is specific to your watch: Never publish it on the web or wherever else that criminals can lift the serial number.

3. Find the Original Box and Papers

“Papers” can incorporate the watch’s warranty card, manual, receipt, and documentation of its service history. Not exclusively will box and papers get you a higher selling price. Yet, they will also assure the purchaser of the watch’s legitimacy, while any service documentation will give a purchaser a review of the watch’s condition and history.

If you don’t have the first box and papers, then it’s still possible to sell your Rolex. But, you’ll get a somewhat marked down price.

Knowing the steps included while selling your Rolex watch are, how about we get into on the most proficient method to set up the Rolex watch.

Step for Setting a Rolex Watch


A Rolex has more than 200 moving parts that meet up to make a mind-boggling, precise work of art. You don’t need to know how every part of your Rolex works, however you should, at any rate, understand how to set a Rolex watch.

Setting a Rolex is how you adjust the time and date shown on the watch. It’s simple — with a couple of twists and turns of the correct part, you can deal with your watch and keep it precise without making an outing to your neighborhood jeweler.

Step by Step Instructions to Set a Rolex

  1. Unscrew the small round dial on your Rolex, which is known as the crown. It will turn counterclockwise.
  2. After unscrewing the crown, pull it such a distance out. Rolexes have a few crown positions that control different elements of the watch. Usually, the starting position winds the watch, the following position lets you adjust the day and date, and the third position changes the position of the hour and minute hands. Start in the third position to change the time, the work your way in.
  3. Turn the screw clockwise until the hands display the right time.

When you have to change the date or time on a Rolex, you must set it. All watches must be set at any rate two times every year when the clock changes for daylight savings time.

  1. If you have to adjust the date, push the crown in slightly until it reaches the second position, and turn clockwise.
  2. When the watch is displaying the right time and date, push the crown once more into the base of the watch and screw it up. It’s essential to completely fix the screw because the crown’s seal is the thing that makes a Rolex waterproof.


When to Set a Rolex?


Even though the crown functions the same on all Rolex models, not all Rolex models can get set the same way. For some models, including women’s Rolex watches, the dial has to get moved counterclockwise.

Things to Remember


If your watch must get a scar, make sure to wind it before you set it. Winding keeps a mechanical watch running. With most of the watches running on batteries in the present time, the winding is not a requirement anymore. In any case, if you own a vintage watch, remember that if you set the watch before winding it, the time and date will change.

If you’re not sure how to set your watch or need help, take it to a local watch shop or jeweler for a quick lesson.

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