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Pawn Designer Bags

Have You Ever Thought to Pawn or Sell Designer Handbags?

If you’re in need of some cash, we understand. Hard times fall upon all of us, whether it be a health emergency, big house move or needing to pay off some credit card debt. Pawning or selling your designer handbag can get you a decent chunk of cash.

Do you have purses you don’t wear anymore? Need to make some closet space? Visit Pawn & More and our pawnbrokers evaluate the worth of your purses. After the initial estimate, we can provide you with cash the same day you bring in your goods. Not quite ready to sell? No problem! After your estimate, you can take your items home with you and come back when you’re ready to sell or pawn your purses.

We have accepted:
•Louis Vuitton
•Michael Kors

What We Look For

When we appraise your purses, we check to see if there are any rips, tears, or faded fabric. We also check the authenticity purses to ensure that they are not second-hand or not truly brand name. If everything checks out, we can make you a cash offer on your purses! If you are looking for a temporary loan, you can also pawn your purses and get them back after you pay off their debt. For more information, please reach out to our office by calling (954) 993-0562 immediately.

Need Cash? 3 Things to Consider Before You Pawn Your Designer Bag

Commonly it is challenging to acquire a good deal on an authentic designer bag. Maybe you think you got a good deal but instead you got a knockoff. In case you’re investigating the value or authenticity of your designer bag because are interested in getting a cash loan against the value of your bag. Pawn a designer bag at Pawn & More. At Pawn & More, the pawnbroker will be able to let you know the authenticity of your bag. Of course, if you have all the documentation that came with your design bag, then the process will be even faster. If you accept our offer, you will have cash in about 10 minutes! You can even recover these effects when you can pay back the amount of cash loaned to you alongside premium.