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How Much Can You Expect for Your Apple Watch from a Pawn Shop?

Apple Watch

How Much Can You Expect for Your Apple Watch from a Pawn Shop?

Apple watches act as a status symbol for many. Apple lovers proudly flaunt their Apple watches at their workplace and fitness centre. Apple watches serve many purposes. You can keep track of your health as well as manage your meetings and work-life using those watches.

Suppose you want a new watch and do not wear your Apple watch too often. Or, you may require some urgent cash. Then you have two options. You can either pawn or sell your Apple watch at a pawn shop near you.

When you open the search bar of a search engine, you will find multiple searches that say “where can i sell my apple watch“. It indicates the fact that many users want to sell their Apple watches. So, there is an easy solution for all these people.

Pawnshops in South Florida help you in selling or pawning your Apple watches. You will gain a considerably good amount of cash against your Apple watch.

How Much Does Pawn Shops Offer Against Your Apple Watch?


The price that pawnbrokers offer for Apple watches often vary as pe various factors. The minimum price that an Apple watch can fetch is somewhere around $25 while the maximum value is $44.55. You will get this price if you have an Apple watch of series 1. But if you have Apple watch of series 2, then the minimum value you can get is $40, while the maximum value will be $63. In case you want to pawn or sell your Series 3 Apple Watch, you can fetch a minimum amount of $50. The maximum amount can go as far as $83.48.

Things that you need to take care of while pawning or selling your Apple Watch:

When you have finally made up your mind about pawning or selling your Apple Watch, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Take care of the appearance of the Apple watch: You need to be very mindful about the appearance of your Apple watch. Clean it up. The more attractive it looks, the better its prices will be. So bring it to a pawn shop in perfect condition.
  • Collect all the accessories:You need to gather all its accessories. It will be very helpful if you have its original box and other equipment. Collect them together, pack them and take it to a pawn shop near you.
  • Contact a genuine pawn broker:There are multiple pawn brokers available. But you cannot take the risk of selling or pawning your expensive Apple watch anywhere. You need to take it to a highly reputed, genuine pawnbroker, who offers the best price for your Apple watch.

How to Prepare My Apple Watch for Sale?


It is essential to prepare your Apple watch before you take it to a pawnbroker. Make sure that it is not in pairing with your iPhone. You need to restore it to the factory settings. But keep in mind that you simply cannot use the “Erase all content and settings” option. After this step, your Apple watch will still remain in pairing with your iPhone. So, the new owner will not be able to set up the Apple watch with his iPhone. Hence, you need to follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: You need to keep your iPhone and Apple Watch in close proximity to each other. Then open the watch app of the iPhone.

Step 2: Then go to the bottom of the app, and tap upon “My Watch” option. Then you need to tap at the name of your watch.

Step 3: Now, you have to tap on the little “i” on the right side of the watch name. This will display the option of “Unpair Apple watch”. Simply follow the prompts that will keep popping up.

By following this process, you will be able to disable the Activation Lock. Also, these steps help you to erase the memory of the watch and restore its factory settings. Also, there is no need to worry, even if you are upgrading. The data of the Apple watch will be safe in your iPhone backup. By the way, disabling Activation Lock is necessary so that the new user can pair the watch with his iPhone.

When you take your watch to a pawnbroker, make sure to follow the following things:

  • Bargain a lot:You need to use your bargaining skills to fetch a good amount.
  • Don’t be afraid of walking out:You will always have other pawn shops to try. Visit different pawn shops to crack the best deal.
  • Do not show your desperateness:Never be desperate in front of the pawnbroker, or you will end up getting a very minimal amount.

So there is no need to type “best place to sell my Rolex” in the search bar. Take your watch to a pawnshop to get the highest possible value.

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