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How to Pawn a Luxury Bag Like Louis Vuitton for Quick Cash?

sell Louis Vuitton handbag

How to Pawn a Luxury Bag Like Louis Vuitton for Quick Cash?

Are you thinking, how can I pawn my Louis Vuitton bag? If you need some cash, it is completely understood.

Hard times fall upon all of us, whether it be a health crisis, big house moves or need to pay off some credit card debt. You can get a decent chunk of cash if you pawn a luxury bag.

Whether you want to pawn a Louis Vuitton handbag, Gucci, Chanel, Dooney & Bourke, or a Michael Kors handbag, you can possibly do that with the support of reliable pawn shops.

The Preparation Process to Pawn or Sell Handbags


The preparation method for pawning or selling handbags is easy. It includes three steps: unloading your items from the inside, cleaning it, and looking for evidence that your handbag is authentic.

Remove Items from the Inside

Before you pawn or sell your handbag, you should take out everything from the inside. People want to purchase handbags for used prices, but they don’t want to think like they are buying a used handbag. Also, leaving your private items in the bag by chance can cost you.

Clean Your Handbag

Ensure you wipe off any dust from the outer surface of your handbag. You want to be especially careful with designer handbags because you can simply demolish leather and suede if you use a cleaning solution not meant for those kinds of materials.

The interior of your handbag is just as essential. It is where everyone wants to store their personal items like their cell phone and makeup, so you’ll require to make sure you clean the interior as well. Don’t leave any makeup traces, food scraps, etc.

Prove Handbag Authenticity

When you originally bought your handbag, it should have come with some card or certificate of authenticity. If you have that, bring it into the pawnshop with the bag. If you don’t, try to look for the receipt. It might take the pawnbroker a longer period to evaluate your handbag if you don’t have documentation of authenticity.

How to Pawn or Sell Handbags for a Good Amount as Possible?


If you desire to learn how to pawn or sell handbags for a good amount as possible, the first step is understanding the steps.

Follow the steps given underneath to understand how to get the most money for pawning or selling handbags near you. It will assist you to avoid going from pawnshop to pawnshop to see who accepts handbags and who will give the highest bid.

  • List your handbag on a reliable pawnshop website— it’s free, fast, and secure.
  • Look for offers online from nearby pawn shops
  • Accept the highest offer (no-commitment)
  • Visit the pawnshop with your handbag
  • Get the transaction completed
  • Walk out with cash in hand

If you sell your handbag completely, the procedure ends there. But if you are pawning your handbag, there are a few extra steps included. Primarily, you will have to pay the money back (plus interest and fees) by a specific date—usually within 30 days. You will get to handle this with the pawnbroker while you’re at the store and before you settle the transaction.

If you don’t pay your loan back in 30 days, the pawnshop gets to keep the bag. It is a rather straightforward process, and it allows you to get cash in hand today, unlike many other medians of selling your handbag.

How to Identify the Differences Between a Real and Fake Louis Vuitton?


It can take years of practice to acquire the eye to distinguish between real and fake Louis Vuitton. However, there are a few essential tips to unlocking whether your Louis Vuitton is real.

1. Look at the Patina:

Start by examining the leather used on the trim and the straps. On new Louis Vuitton handbags, the straps and trim regions are made of vachetta leather. This leather is soft, detailed, and off-white.

2. Quality of the Craftsmanship:

Real LV bags have impeccable craftsmanship; the texture of the stitching is performed identically in all bags. Even with older bags, you will seldom see a detached stitch. If you find stitching that looks less than perfect, you may want to analyze the authenticity of the handbag.

3. Date Codes:

It is probably the single most straightforward approach to authenticate your LV bag! Since the early 1980s, all Louis Vuitton has added a date code. The date code covers where and when your bag was created. These letters should always meet the country the bag show, on its “Made in” tag. As a note, date codes can be very hard to locate; try viewing for the leather tag stitched on the seam of an inner pocket. To confirm your date code, please visit the Louis Vuitton Product Code Calculator.

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