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Some Lesser-Known Facts About Selling an iPhone

Selling an iPhone

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Selling an iPhone

Nowadays, selling iPhones have become quite a common thing. It is one of the most significant electronic devices that has the capacity to fetch a handsome price from a pawn shop. Also, every time Apple launches a new iPhone model, The iPhone lovers frantically run after the new one, leaving behind their old friend. Such an old phone can get you a considerably good amount if you sell it.

If you have an old iPhone and you are busy typing on the search bar, “sell my iPhone,” then worry no more. We will provide you with all the much-needed details related to the selling of the iPhone. All you need to do is spare a few minutes from your busy schedule and go through this blog to clear all your doubts and queries. So without much ado, let’s go:

Amount in Return for Your iPhone

The minimum selling price of an iPhone is $5, while the maximum selling price of an iPhone is $900. So, if we take out the average, it settles down on $110. Now, if you do not understand the reason behind these extremities in the price, then let us help you out. Various factors affect the selling price of your iPhone, such as the generation of your iPhone, condition, memory storage, unlocking feature, and so on. The better the conditions, the higher your chances of fetching a respectable amount.

Model of iPhone

When you take your iPhone to some of the best pawn shops in South Florida, they will check the model of the iPhone. If you have the latest model of iPhone, then these brokers will be super excited to buy your iPhone. They will offer you the best possible rates. They will also offer the best loan facility against your iPhone. Also, they will consider the age of your iPhone. If it is more two or more years old, then you will find it difficult to sell your iPhone.


The price you get also depends on the carrier of your iPhone. You are lucky enough if you have a Verizon or Sprint wireless phone. T as well as AT & T mobile phones fetch considerably lower amounts.


The condition of your iPhone plays a significant role in deciding what amount you will be getting against it. If your iPhone is not in a working condition, then most probably, you will not get any offer from the pawnbrokers. Also, if there are scratches or dents on your iPhone, the amount in return for it will be considerably low. On the contrary, a working iPhone, in good condition, will provide you with a higher amount of cash.

iCloud Lock

The status of your iCloud activation also matters when it comes to selling iPhone. If in case, your iPhone is under iCloud, no pawnbroker will show any kind of interest in buying your iPhone. They will also do not want to offer a loan against it.


When you have proper documents, wall outlet, USB, and a box of your iPhone, you will definitely get a higher amount of money for your iPhone. But if you do not have any of these, then you will, for sure, get a low amount of cash.


The pawnbrokers will check details related to ESN/MEID/IMEI. These details reveal if your iPhone had been stolen in the past, or whether it is active on the wireless carrier account of the owner or not. Further, they will check if the carrier account owes some money.

How to Sell Your iPhone at a Pawn Shop?

If you want to sell your iPhone at a pawn shop and fetch the best possible price for it, then follow the below-given steps carefully:

  • First of all, back up the data of your iPhone. Then save it on your laptop or any pen drive.
  • Clear the storage of the iPhone.
  • Then unlock your iPhone and simply disable the option of “Find My Phone.”
  • Now, you have to clean your iPhone. Make your iPhone look as presentable and attractive as possible. Remember that looks definitely matter.
  • Gather all the belongings and accessories of your iPhone. The more products you can collect, the higher will be the fetchable amount.
  • Do not forget to enlist your iPhone with all its details on an online pawnshop. Most of these websites provide the best services free of cost.
  • Here, you will get a plethora of offers. You need to make a comparison of all the offers.
  • Choose the offer that appeals to you the most.
  • You will receive cash instantaneously.

We have tried to clear most of the doubts and queries people often face while selling an iPhone in the pawnshops. So next time you decide to pawn or sell your iPhone, do refer to this guide for making a well-informed decision.


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