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Steps to Get the Best Price When Selling Gold to a Pawnshop

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Steps to Get the Best Price When Selling Gold to a Pawnshop

Are you prepared to sell your gold? If you’ve chosen to sell your gold jewelry to a pawnshop after spending hours looking online for the best pawnshops that buy gold near me, make sure to follow the six steps outlined below to get the greatest price and avoid being taken advantage of:

1. Know the fineness of your gold jewelry.

As we all know, the value of your gold jewelry is determined by its pure gold content. Check the fineness of your jewelry before selling it to ensure you know what you’re selling.

The approximate worth of the gold may then be calculated by multiplying the gold content by the current scrap gold price. Remember that the pawnshop must be able to sell the gold for a profit, so you’ll usually get less than market value.

2. Do a weight check on your gold jewelry at home.

Before you decide to sell my jewelry near me, make sure to verify the weight of your gold jewelry. This may be done using a basic kitchen scale that precisely measures down to 1/100th of a gram. Make a mental note of the gold item’s weight in grams, then double-check it when it’s weighed at a pawnshop.

It’s worth mentioning that some gold purchasers use pennyweights, an antiquated measure equivalent to one-twentieth of a troy ounce.

3. Do not mix gold karats.

Avoid combining gold karats when selling your gold. At the pawnshop, make sure to separate your 10K, 14K, and 18K gold pieces, as weighing them all together might result in you receiving a quote based on the lowest gold purity.

4. Be wary of polishing your gold jewelry.

While it may appear that cleaning your gold jewelry before selling it to pawn loans in Pompano Beach is a good idea, it is not. Polishing can usually eliminate scratches, but it will also remove gold from your jewelry, lowering its worth.

Instead of polishing your gold band, earrings, or other jewelry, lightly wipe the surface with a wet paper towel to remove any dust or debris.

5. Get a few offers before selling if at all possible.

If you reside in a mid-sized city or a big metropolitan region, you’re likely to find numerous pawnshops within a fair driving distance.

Try to visit multiple pawnshops before deciding where to sell your gold jewelry if at all feasible. Each store may make you quite different offers, making one choice a better deal than the others for you as a seller.

6. Only sell to a reputable pawnshop with a valid license.

Make sure you’re working with a trustworthy pawnshop before selling your gold jewelry. Pawnshops must be licensed in most states in order to operate. To document the sale, the pawnbroker should also provide identification and comprehensive documentation.



Although selling gold jewelry to a pawnshop will not fetch you the greatest price, it will provide you with immediate payment for your unwanted or unused jewelry.

If you want to sell your gold jewelry to a pawn shop like DD Pawn Loans, use the strategies listed above to get the best price possible.

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