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Top Tips to Help You Sell Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Top Tips to Help You Sell Gold Jewelry

Before you get ready to sell my jewelry near me, follow up of certain tips or suggestions is important. You must make sure that you get the worth of money for your gold you saved for a long period.

Never act on impulse

Always assess every piece of jewelry if you have decided that I want to sell my gold. Most of the time, parts of gold jewelry have sentimental significance. Ensure that sentimental value does not exceed the value that you will get. Perfect pieces of jewelry to estimate are broken pieces, earrings with a lost pair, or old items with no sentimental meaning.

Get an appraisal

If you have a piece of antique or elaborate jewelry, always get it appraised before selling it to a purchaser that pays by measurement of weight. Designer or antique gold could be worth more to sell as a complete piece than for its gold piece.

Acknowledge what you have

Gold jewelry is occasionally made from pure gold. Most utmost jewelry in the United States is 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold that is composed of gold and different alloys. When selling your gold, you will only get money for the pieces that are pure gold. You may also apply for loans on jewelry in Florida.

Look for a reliable buyer

Verify that the store has a permit to purchase gold jewelry in your state. To assure that a company is reliable, inquire if they are a part of a jewelry trade corporation, that requires high ethical criteria of its members. Examine if the company has any customer accusations having to do with purchasing or selling gold jewelry.

Shop nearby

Get proposals from various companies before you decide on a buyer. The proposals you get may differ significantly, relying on where you sell it.

Secure yourself

Before leaving your jewelry with – or sending your jewelry to – a possible buyer, record and photograph the pieces. Verify the company’s compensation policy if there is any loss. If the cost is meaningful, be sure to get an estimate first!

Know the value of gold

Follow up with the costs of gold. The price posted will not be the money you will receive for your jewelry.

Get practical

For many people, just selling your gold jewelry will not make you wealthy. It may, however, put a few extra dollars in your pouch. Keep in mind that you will only be getting paid for the measure of gold in your jewelry, excluding the fees the company has to charge for refining.

The most excellent place to begin is by hitting a neighborhood jewelry store like Pawn & More, so you can be certain in the guidance and service you get.

Can you earn money by selling gold?


Gold has been the best investment in the long run. Now, as the stock market goes downhill, is an exceptionally great time to sell gold, since gold rates lead to rising as the economy and stock market go down.

Should I sell my gold? Will it be worth it selling the gold?


If you want to ask — yes, you should sell your gold! Also, it is more useful to have cash that you very much require right away to pay significant bills like rent, a car note, or services — rather than gold coins, gold jewelry, bullion or scrap lying in a drawer, or protection deposit box.

It can also create understanding to sell gold for other investments, covering the stock funds in a retirement account, in real estate, or even education or a new organization.

How much is the gold value at a cash-for-gold?


No matter you are selling your gold at a pawn shop, neighborhood jeweler, or a cash-for-gold / gold exchange place, the answer is: It varies.

You can find your local gold buyers on Yelp and other sites for details about a legitimate buyer.

Generally, the more cash for gold purchasers in your region, the more competing they are and will provide you with a greater price.

Examine the gold buyer how much they pay up “spot,” which is the core market price. In that manner, you can shop nearby before choosing where to sell your gold.

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