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What is the Best Way to Pawn a Rolex for the Best Price?

pawn a rolex

What is the Best Way to Pawn a Rolex for the Best Price?

If you plan to pawn an item to get as much upfront money as possible, you’re best off using expensive items. One popular item brought into the pawn shop is Rolex watches. Rolexes are luxury watches that preserve their worth over time because they’re always in high call and highly regarded value and luxury detail. Just about any pawn shop will enable you to pawn watches.

Sell Rolex watches if you want the best possible price. But here are a few steps you should consider before bringing the Rolex to the pawn broker. Let’s learn about them:



Keep it clean: A clean and tidy watch will seem newer than a dirty watch, and it will display you have attended to it well over its existence. Also, people who brush their watches are more apt to ensure they’re working. A clean, operative Rolex will bring you a much greater price at a pawn shop than one that’s stained or not working correctly. Clean the watch with non-abrasive cleansers created particularly for jewelry. Otherwise, you can apply a paper towel with warm water, moving it over the surface of the watch and strap.


Packaging: If you can get the original box and documents that arrived with the watch, you must add these when you carry it into the pawn broker. It will enable the broker to present the watch suitably to the end customer if you eventually have to sell it and verify that it is a genuine, authentic Rolex. A lack of original packaging won’t certainly suggest you can’t sell the watch, but it will hinder your capability to get the best reasonable price for it.

Examine: Always inspect the health of the watch, aside from its cleanliness. Are there any lost parts, such as links or gems? If yes, see if you can get them anywhere near your house and put them into a sealed bag or box to carry with you to the pawnshop if you’re not able to reattach them on your own. If you’re incapable of finding these parts, that’s okay, but you won’t be capable of getting the best price for your Rolex. You must also make sure the watch is fully working. Is the battery working? Is it working as it must?

Strap: In a few cases, the strap might deteriorate over time due to continuous touch with your skin. Depending on how long you’ve kept the watch and the band’s state, you might want to substitute the band before carrying it in, as this will raise the value of the watch. Of course, if you’re up for good cash, this might not be a reasonable option for you.


These are just some examples of some of the measures you can take to raise the value of your Rolex before carrying it to a pawn shop. To learn some more information about pawning a Rolex, get in touch with Pawn & More right now!

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