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Pawn a Boat

If you’re in need of cash in a hurry and you own a boat, collateral loans via pawn shop may be the answer for you. Unexpected medical costs, short on funds for payroll, and emergency home/business repairs can happen, but they do not have to cause anxiety or stress. Not to worry. Instead of waiting while your debt adds up and your bank account runs dry or overdrafts, pawn a boat and get ahead of your financial problems today.

Our boat pawn loans are fast!
If you’re facing the clock and need a loan as soon as possible, the Pawn & More pawn process is quick and streamlined. We’ve been a boat loan provider for years and know how to guide customers through our requirements simply, starting as soon as you call. You can get your cash within an hour or two.
How to Pawn Your Boat with Pawn & More
Check out the Web page that outlines the general pawn loan process, and find out how the boat pawn loan works here:
•You must own the boat outright and bring the title with you to the Pawn & More office in Pompano Beach to get cash for your yacht title or boat title.
•Minimum pawn amount is $1,000.
•You must show proof of ID (government issued).

You have the option to get cash in your pocket in no time with a highly-rated, reputable shop –  Pawn & More, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Visit the website’s chat to speak with a live representative if you are ready to make money from your boat.
For more information, please reach out to our office by calling (954) 993-0562 immediately.

If you’re not already chatting with one of our specialists or calling the shop, look below at 3 great reasons to pawn a boat for cash!

  1. An Unused Boat Costs Money Over Time

Unlike your home, boats are not an investment that earn money over time. The longer a boat sits in your yard or at a dock that requires a high monthly fee for storage, the value decreases daily. As any boat owner knows, maintenance fees can also add up on an unused boat and, at a time of high financial stress, the costs can simply add to your mounting anxiety. Instead of losing that money, you can get cash quickly by allowing Pawn & More to store your boat while you meet your family’s needs and pay off your loan with easy payments over time.

If you find you are unable to make the payments, the money from a collateral loan is yours to keep without pressure from relentless debt collector calls so your credit score will not be affected like it would a traditional loan. Why lose money on a boat you may not be using for extended periods of time? If your financial woes already are already causing stress, there’s no reason to wait. Professionals at Pawn & More are available right now and are happy to help you meet your needs right away. Visit the website’s chat to speak with a live representative if you are ready to make that money. If you still need more information, look at 3 great reasons to pawn a boat for cash.


  1. Pawning a Boat Has the Least Impact on Your Daily Life

While titles for all types of vehicle can be used for a collateral loan, losing your means of transportation can have a devastating impact on your financial future and your family’s well-being. Without a vehicle, it’s difficult to get to work and earn money to pay off your loan. Should you default, your car, truck, motorcycle, or van may be lost forever. Since a boat often goes unused throughout several months of the year, it is one of the easiest possession from which to separate for short periods of time. Instead of applying for a second mortgage on your home or risk losing your car, the decision to pawn a boat does not have to impact your life in a significant way.

Unlike your home and vehicle, a boat is rarely necessary for survival. Instead of putting the possessions most needed by you and your family at risk, a more sensible option is available if you consider the decision to pawn a boat through Pawn & More and address those emergency needs immediately.


  1. The Process is Simple

What better reason should you need when the process of getting cash today is a straightforward process?  Collateral loans via Pawn & More require nothing more than a valid form of identification and the completion of a simple intake sheet. There are no credit checks since the loan is guaranteed by your collateral. Pawn & More offers high cash loans with low interest rates that will help solve your financial needs with very little effort from you. In fact, you can choose to have an assessor visit your home and make a loan offer on your boat, saving you the time and effort of hauling it to a pawn shop.

Instead of waiting and wading through daunting mountains of paperwork on a loan that can take weeks or even months to complete while your needs go unmet, a loan through a pawn shop puts cash in your hands the same day. There are many reasons to seek low-interest, high cash payout collateral loans, and your boat may provide the best and easiest option. No matter what size or type of boat you own, the value can be assessed, and a loan can be completed the same day. That’s an effortless way to pawn a boat!

Don’t let your boat collect dust while you suffer under financial burdens. Consider a collateral loan on your boat; pawn a boat and get out from under the stress of emergency financial burdens with the quickest and easiest process possible at Pawn & More.