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How I Sold My Designer Handbags For Cash Easily


How I Sold My Designer Handbags For Cash Easily

Are you crazy about handbags? Are you obsessed with brands too? I can relate to you completely. I fall into the list of shopaholics. I used to dream of LV, Gucci, Chanel, and more and more. My love for designer handbags grew so much that a huge part of my salary and savings were going up there only. Such a phase comes in every girl’s life. It is not a wrong thing. It happens, I believe. All of this went for a few years. In the beginning, it was fine. I used to think that life is one, earn and spend, earn. And the cycle will go on smoothly.

But by the time it started digging a hole in my pocket, I had to think about every penny. Where I am spending my hard-earned money. The budget started tumbling. My parents started questioning about my excessive love for these materialistic things. At some point in time, due to some financial backdrops and unavoidable circumstances I had to look for options to sell designer handbags for cash near me. The handbags could get me enough cash. I had to choose them.

This was the worst thing ever I did to myself and my passion for owning my luxurious handbags, but you never know when hard times knock your doors. But I was confident enough that everything would come back to normal soon. And my closet would be filled with designer handbags again. I sold it and after a few months, my life and finances were back on track.

If you are going through such a situation or know someone who needs cash for their handbags, I can help them with my experience. Don’t worry, the process to sell designer handbags for cash has become very smooth when you reach the right people. Follow these three important steps and win this situation in a tough situation. You can easily price your luxury handbag for resale.

  1. Determine the price: Think of how much you can potentially expect to earn by selling your lovely handbag. You might need to price it competitively if you are in sudden need of a large amount of cash.
  2. Analyze: Check, in how much good condition your bag is. Look at trends. Do some research online to see how much other handbags of your condition are being sold. You will get an idea. It will give you a starting point to sell your bag. There are pawn shops that are serving the purpose, you can get quick cash by visiting the right one. I went to DDpawnloans.
  3. See if you have classy collection: If you are lucky enough to own any of Hermes Kelly, Chanel Classic Flap, Michael Kors, then you get more money. Because they are classified as classic handbags and not many people sell these bags. This rises their demands in the market giving you a chance to get more.
  4. Find all the accessories: I know it is not easy to search the authenticity card, dustbag, but you can at least try. If you have all the other accessories like pouches, straps, rain covers then your preloved handbags would go in sale faster getting you the desired amount of cash.


If you are thinking to directly sell your designer bag to a buyer, then you can earn maximum cash value. Moreover, you can be selective with the buyer you choose. Also, you don’t have to bear with reseller fees, every dollar made on the bag would be yours. So, nothing to worry about. Take a sigh of relief and get it done. Good days are on their way.

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