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How is It with a Rolex Submariner 116610 and Where Can I Pawn It?

How is It with a Rolex Submariner 116610 and Where Can I Pawn It?

When we talk about luxury watches, Rolex is a brand that drives the pack. One well-known model is Ceramic Submariner. So named because of its capability to stay waterproof in the deepest bottoms of water, the watch is both sporty and fancy. And if you have a thought of “how about if I pawn my Rolex watch, ” then it can be a worthy investment surely.

Let’s learn more about the history and what a day on the wrist with the Rolex is like.

History of Rolex


The history of Rolex can be followed back to the establishing of Wilsdorf and Davis, a company that would ultimately become Rolex SA. It was endowed by Alfred Davis and his brother in law, Hans Wilsdorf, in London, England, in 1905. The two trained in importing Hermann Aegler’s fine Swiss movements to England and storing them in high-quality watches. These watches were then traded to jewelers who put their names on them.

In 1908, the company recorded the trademark ‘Rolex’ and started an office in Switzerland. No one is quite certain how the two came up with the name, but it was simply pronounceable in any language and quiet short to put on the face of watches.

Once the Rolex name was ensured, the company went on to become popular watch-makers who won many particulars for their precision and progress in marine chronometry. The Submariner was a well-known model to be counted in these advances.

Rolex Ceramic Submariner


The 6204 and 6205 would be suspended by the end of the 1950s, but other designs would someday take their places. One notable update on some more new models was the extension of the ceramic bezel.

Rolex first employed its Cerachrom ceramic bezel on the GMT Master II in 2005. They chose the ceramic material to the aluminum they had been utilizing earlier because the ceramic material was scratch resistant. Another bonus was that the color of the ceramic bezel would not wear out from UV light appearance. The ceramic bezel would be attached to several watches, including the Submariner.

The first Submariner to arrive with the ceramic bezel was the 116610. It reinstated the earlier released 16610. The two are very alike, but the ceramic bezel is one of the unusual updates that were made.

The 116610 also highlights advanced movement. It began the Rolex Parachrom Bleu hairspring, which was an update on the Caliber 3135. The updated movement gave lasting functionality even after disclosure to acute conditions like high water pressure.

Another change visible in the 116610 is its more radiant luminosity. While the 16610 highlighted a green glow, the 116610 is more radiant with a bluish-green radiance that makes it simpler to read in the dark.

Lastly, the 116610 was larger in shape. Both watches measure 40mm in width, but the 11610 seems larger because of it’s the oversized crown guard and lager lugs. The 116610 has a crown guard and lugs that are almost twice as wide as its predecessors, presenting the impression of a larger case.

Your Rolex Submariner as an Investment


Based on the numbers, it is simple to see how to pawn my Rolex watch can be a good investment. Even used, a Submariner can bring pretty money, and some can also increase in value, and time goes on.

If you have a Submariner, you may be reluctant to part with it as it is certain to retain sentimental significance. But if you find yourself in a cash emergency, you may see this as your only way out. Well, fortunately, you can use your Submariner to get yourself out of a cash crisis without having to part with it.

Many think of pawn shops as spots where you can sell your luxury objects. Well, did you know they grant loans for your luxury items as well?

Just bring your items to the pawnshop. They will assess your item and grant you a loan based on its cost. The loan will not be for the entire amount of the item, but a portion of its total worth.

If you agree to the conditions of the loan, you will begin making monthly installments. It will go towards the amount of the loan, fees, and interest. Once the loan is paid off, you can get your item back. If for any reason, you are incapable of paying off the loan, the pawnshop will hold your item. However, the unpaid amount will never show up as an unfortunate mark on your credit report or end up going into collections.

Locating the Best Pawn Shop for Your Loan


When you are hunting for a pawn shop to loan your object to, keep in mind, not all pawn shops are built equal. Some will give lower interest rates and higher rates than others. These will be the best pawn shops to loan to as they will provide you with the highest loan amounts and enable you to make low payments.

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