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Is It True that Pawn Shops Buy Purses?

Givenchy Mystic Mini Bag, Red Embossed Leather

Is It True that Pawn Shops Buy Purses?

Purses are similar to shoes in that you may collect a large number of them. Instead of letting a purse gather dust in your closet, try taking it to one of the pawn shops that buy designer handbags near me, especially if it is a designer handbag.

Brand Matters


Most pawnshops will pay cash for secondhand handbags. Because most pawn shops are tiny companies, whether they will buy it and what they will pay for it might vary depending on the pawnshop. Furthermore, they won’t take any old purse off your hands, and most will turn down copies. They hunt for popular brands, timeless styles that keep their worth, and handbags that they can resale for a profit. Popular designer brand name bags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Christian Dior, Chanel, Michael Kors, Hermes (particularly Birkin or Kelly bags), and CHLOE are sought by pawnshops (Drew purses in particular).

Some pawnshops may lend money for particularly high-end bags in addition to buying them.

Getting the Great Price


If you decide to pawn your purse, you should think about the pawnbroker near me as well as your property. It’s critical to have a sense of what to expect before entering the store.

Get your item ready


You wouldn’t show up for an interview with ripped jeans and a t-shirt, would you? When selling your handbag to a pawnbroker, the same concept applies.

Check the Purse


Make sure you are aware of every nook and corner of the purse in addition to removing everything from it.

  • Determine the position of the wear marks.
  • Examine any flaws.
  • Check to see what you can fix.


Organize Your Purse


Cleaning your purse is necessary since you want to display it in the best light possible. However, keep in mind the material of your purse and only use cleaners made specifically for it. Some materials are quite delicate, and you don’t want to ruin the leather by using inaccurate cleaning.

Check the Inside Properly


This is where you should truly put your efforts. Ensure the material is free of scuff marks, makeup, and other contaminants. You want your bag to appear as though it was just taken off the shelf. Stains or crumbs can depreciate the value, but they’re easy to remove.

Prove Authenticity


Because pawnshop owners are on the lookout for stolen items, proving authenticity is crucial. If you have the original receipt or authenticity certificate, it might help you obtain top dollar. This can also assist in demonstrating the item’s initial value.

Get It Appraised


It can be worth seeing a specialist for an evaluation on particularly high-end handbags that cost thousands of dollars. This might assist you in proving the purse’s value to the pawnshop owner and negotiating the best price. This holds true for vintage handbags as well. In some cases, a pawn shop may be able to connect you with an appraiser.

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