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How to Resell Your Pre-Owned Luxury Bags?

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How to Resell Your Pre-Owned Luxury Bags?

Are you a fashion freak who loves to hop around the city and shop to fill your closet? Or a homesick person who loves to cherish the homely environment and search out the e-commerce world? Above all, the process of selling and buying designer bags or accessories require a lot of experience. All you need to do is know what the correct procedure is and how to gain the most of it without losing much from your pocket.

Today, in this blog, you will learn about some simple strategic tips to resell your bags. So, are you interested? Stay hooked with us!

The Three Simple Steps to Sell Pre-Owned Designer Bags


There are three simple steps by following which you can also sell designer handbag:

1. Quote a price on your bag for resell.

When it is about pricing your bag, you must quote a price very judiciously. The price must be competitive so that you quickly receive the cash in your hand.

2. For how long you have used your bag?

The price of a bag you have been using for the past five years will be higher than a bag you have been using for the past ten years. Every product has its own shelf life. You might be a cautious user, but after a certain period, your product will perish.

3. Brand and manufacturing material matters.

Do you think you can sell Louis Vuitton handbag and other branded bag at the same rate if used for the same period and in the same condition? It is unacceptable. The quality of raw material of Louis Vuitton bags and any other branded bags are incomparable.

What is the Trend?

What is the trend in the market? Do not forget to check the latest trend in the market before quoting the price. Vintage bags with permanent collection styles always go for more.

Where to Sell?

There are two ways of reselling your luxury stuff. You can go for the pre-existing shops, or you can sell it yourself via consignment calls.

Here are the pros and cons of selling through a shop:

Pros Cons
·  Shops will handle every hackle involved in selling. ·  The return or revenue earned will fairly lower than if you sold it yourself.
· Cash up front with a fixed price of earning. · There might be a delay in listing and payout.


Here are the pros and cons of selling yourself:

Pros Cons
· You will get a total share of the selling price. · A lot more work and responsibility.
· You can explore and choose between clients. · The risk is high.


Best Practices to Sell Your Bags for Cash

Here are some quick tips to make your selling service counted and satisfactory:

  • Make your packaging eye-appealing, and do not forget to attach a thank you or acknowledgement note.
  • Provide a detailed description, highlighting the unique features when posting your product for sale.
  • Post pictures from different angles, and you can also make videos to provide a real-time relatability vibe to the prospective buyers.

Final Words

We hope you find our tips satisfactory. It might take time and efforts before you hit the jackpot and earn more than your expectations. Till then, keep trying on the strategies or contact Pawn & More today!

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