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Tips to Get a Higher Perceived Value of Your Pawned Watch

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Tips to Get a Higher Perceived Value of Your Pawned Watch

Pawning a watch from any brand will require you to keep in mind a few things. When it comes to pawning, the individual involved in trading for cash in place does have some certain amount of control. The first and the essential thing to keep in mind while getting hands-on pawn watch is ‘Maintenance.’ The watch should look presentable, attractive, and scratch less. It will help get a higher value for your watch if you keep your watch in a proper condition.

Moreover, the watch should be given in a working condition. Otherwise, it will be challenging for you to pawn your watch. Also, make sure to keep all the accessories handy if you wish to receive a higher price.

Here are some of the useful tips you could use when looking for answers as to – how should one sell my watch near me and where can I sell my watch for cash near me:

1. Clean Your Watch


If you are looking forward to selling your valuable watch, then you must put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and understand what will take him or her to purchase your watch. As a buyer, when you buy anything, be it a brand-new item or a used item, the first thing you notice is the appearance of how it is looking. The look of the watch plays a considerable role and forms the basis of the first impression. You would never want to purchase a watch that is dull, dirty, losing its color, or has residue all over the watch. The lousy looking watch goes on to communicate the message that the watch has not been maintained and the seller has been casual to look after the watch. The look will directly create an impression in the mind of the buyer that the watch does not work properly and is not worth buying.

Hence, if you plan to pawn your watch, then you would need to take proper care of the watch. Most importantly, clean your watch correctly before you take it to the pawnshop. There several people who pawn the watch as it is a very common practice. Hence, to get a higher price, you would need to stand out, and that is only possible if you pawn a watch that is in the right working condition and looks presentable.

 Essential Cleaning Tips for the Watch

  • Avoid cleaning abrasive agents.
  • The hard-to-reach spots are essential, and one should focus on them.
  • In the case of a leather band, make sure to use a leather cleaner
  • For cleaning, use lukewarm water and a towel to wipe all the dirt from the watch.
  • Make use of a soft brush to reach the hard spots.
  • To go a little extra, visit a local jeweler and get all the scratched buffed out present on the watch head.


2. Box is Essential


If you want to receive a high pay out for your watch, then it is essential to have a box. It would help if you found the original box of the watch, and in case you have misplaced the original box, then get hands-on the manual of the paperwork you received along with the watch. Having the box will help you fetch a better price. Some people take the paperwork, tags, and boxes very lightly. However, whenever you buy a high-value item, you must make sure to keep in handy all the paperwork and accessories along with it.

To make your watch look legitimate, along with a working watch, you must give an original piece of paper, tags, boxes, and accessories to the pawnbroker. It will help the pawnbrokers to feel confident, and they will be able to sell the watch to the potential buyer at a high price. To stand out amongst the competition of individuals pawning the watch, you would need to have everything ready.

3. Keep in Handy the Extra Pieces


Whenever you purchase a watch of any kind, it would always come up with additional links. We advise all the individuals who in the future look forward to pawning their watch, to keep in handy those extra pieces as you never know these might end up getting you a higher value for your watch. In case any of the stones have fallen, make sure to check the watch box and the drawers thoroughly and get it back. While pawning any product, be it a watch or an electronic, ‘Completeness’ plays a huge role. If you want to improve the perceived value of your watch, you are required to take along everything you got when you purchased the watch initially.

Take the watch and the accessories along with you in a sealed zip lock and submit it to the pawnbroker who can then sell it to the customers thereby.

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